The Company

Our legacy spans decades of quality, integrity and trust.

  • 1972Origin

    Krishna & Co is formed as a between 6 family members.They decide to concentrate on the business of tobacco and east india ebony leaves.
  • 1973Leadership

    Mr. Krishnakumar Bhammer takes charge at a young age and the company was reconstituted under his leadership.
  • 1976Tea Export

    As an addition to the existing business portfolio, Mr Krishnakumar adds tea exports into the line of business.
  • 1986Spices

    The company decides to further diversify their portfolio by adding Spices into their business.
  • 1997Automation

    The company decides to add an automated spices processing unit.
  • 2007Commodities

    The company decides to get into commodity trading on future trading platform of various spices and delivery takers on the future trading platform. Soon the company ended up being the largest depositors and delivery takers of black peppers on the future trading platform.
  • 2016Deva-Ansh

    Krishna & co. is adding consumer goods to their business line under the Deva-Ansh brand,The products under this brand would consist of whole & blended spices, spice powders and packaged drinking water.